Why TokWise

The Benefits of TokWise

Higher productivity


Improved accuracy by reducing forecasting error


Imbalance cost reduction

Increased revenue

Reliability & Consistency

Optimized commercial strategy

The results?

TokWise provides clear ROI timeline. From Day 1 our customers benefit from enhanced operational excellence and ensured business continuity

Data collection optimization

96x update frequency

Instant portfolio overview

45% faster insights

Improved forecast accuracy

30% imbalance cost optimization

Optimized trading decisions

4x more responsive to market


From forecasting to trading execution, we integrate the value chain from MWh to EUR

Improved forecasting accuracy

Improved forecasting accuracy

Benchmark your current forecasting models. We digitize your process and leverage AI to improve your accuracy by reducing the forecasting error up to 50%

Portfolio Instant and comprehensive overview

Portfolio Instant and comprehensive overview

Get an easily accessible view on the whole portfolio in real time and react efficiently on the market changes

Commercial strategies optimization

Commercial strategies optimization

Compare various commercial strategies to be executed from your portfolio. Focus on the best possible one

Better and faster trading decisions

Better and faster trading decisions

Real-time adjustment to actively participate in the intraday, balancing and flexibility markets

What makes TokWise unique?


Offered as SaaS, TokWise leverages the newest and most resilient technology. The elasticity and high agility allow our customers to scale at no extra cost


We deliver a better accuracy than usual competition, because we are not just a forecasting provider. We follow a holistic approach - focusing not only on improving accuracy in term of MW, but also in term of imbalance cost reduction

Sector Expertise

Solid tech oriented team with deep knowledge in the energy industry. We are pioneers in the digitization of energy-centric processes through AI


We provide complete integration and onboarding. Our implementation methodology creates a safe designated environment for your organization to ensure the efficiency and excellence of the future state process

We act as a trusted advisor and partner

We work with you at every step of the process to ensure tech implementation, project management and cultural transition. Long-term engagement with your team is a key success factor.

Through analyzing your process we discover and validate together how your core activities can be translated into ongoing improvements to increase efficiency.

We will work closely with your team in an agile way to drive innovation and contribute to your bottom-line.

We want you to be 100% confident in the power of TokWise before starting our collaboration.

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