Energy Data Management Framework

How to orchestrate data-driven energy business?

Why is data management important?

Energy digital transformation is the industry’s hot topic and at its center is data. The rapid growth in the frequency of data generation and its volume, have made analyzing data a feat exceeding the capabilities of the "digitally unarmed". The topic is no longer restricted to IT and Data Science teams, but it is an integral part of the daily life of any energy professional.

What’s in for you?

The eBook is designed for all energy professionals aimed to master data-driven business. But to be able to extract valuable knowledge out of the messy data, a solid data management foundation should be in place.

Download the eBook guide to:

  • Learn about the data management techniques applied in energy software and understand the specifics for the energy industry presented through real-world examples from forecasting, scheduling and trading activities
  • Get acquainted with best practices on how to model your data to accommodate different scenarios and gain extra flexibility
  • Review the successful practices on how to handle the variety of data sources, communication channels and formats into a single unified data flow model
  • Understand how to ensure the data security and how to set high standards for data quality and maintain the physical and logical data integrity
  • And to bring you up to speed with latest trends - we share tips how to transform your general data management pipeline into a "big data management pipeline" so you can handle large amounts of data and scale efficiently

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