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Renewables market integration turns into a key challenge

With the fallout of the feed-in-tarrifs, market players are exposed to merchant regime and faced with highly volatile market prices. The growing imbalance cost and increased competition are requiring new competences to succeed in the post-subsidy market.

What used to work yesterday, does not work today anymore.


Fixed prices

Guaranteed profit

Government subsidies



Volatile prices

Uncertain profit

Highly competetive emerging market

To maximize return on investment a new set of distinctive measures need to be developed

Better Forecasting

to minimize imbalance cost

Real-Time Decisions

on Intraday and physical assets

Leverage Automation

to drive operational efficiency and business agility

Constant Alignment

between the technical constraints and market opportunities

Introducing TokWise

TokWise is a cross-functional tech platform for green energy portfolio optimization. Leveraging the newest and most resilient technology to help our customers succeed in the post-subsidy market and maximize return on investment.
Drive a higher cost- and process efficiency and improve profit with our innovative, most accurate forecasting and real-time decisions in trading operations.


Faster insights with leveraged automation


Imbalance cost reduction


Higher responsiveness to the market

Who is TokWise for?

At TokWise, we like to say we are bridging the gap between the physical grid and the market. We help energy market participants to realize the untapped potential of their portfolio.

1Renewable producers

2Green Energy Suppliers

3Commercial & Industrial Prosumers

Trusted by trailblazing companies and
visioneries for digital transition

1,200,000 +


1,500 +

RES Power Plants



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