Green Energy Portfolio Management

Embrace digital technologies to maximise margin per megawatt-hour

Energy Data Management

Energy Data Management

Getting data right is the critical first step. TokWise Energy Data Management brings all relevant data together to unlock new level of data-driven decision-making.

  • Automatically collect a wide variety of data streams regardless of sources or formats
  • Aggregate / disaggregate metering data (60/30/15 min settlement period)
  • Leverage high-quality data in advanced visualizations to facilitate decision making
  • Access to real-time data stored securely in the cloud, backed by Amazon Web Services
Portfolio Forecasting

Portfolio Forecasting

Forecasting is not just a number. TokWise Portfolio Forecasting is a purpose-built solution for energy companies to orchestrate and improve the entire portfolio forecasting process from one central place.

  • Leverage our unique algorithms and your live SCADA data to increase forecast accuracy
  • Take into consideration operational and market constraints
  • Combine several forecasting providers together to leverage strengths of each model
  • Extract insights to improve financial impact of various forecasting strategies
Real-Time Position Management

Real-Time Position Management

Embrace "real-time" to create financial and strategic value. TokWise Real-Time Position Management is an integrated system built to enable real-time decision-making on short-term markets and physcial assets.

  • Generate a live P&L view bringing together commercial and physical flows
  • Monitor portfolio intraday deviation and forecasting confidence
  • Drill-down to better understand asset performance and informed commercial decisions
  • Automate administrative workflows related to nominations and bidding
Commercial Optimization

Commercial Optimization

Leverage Artificial Intelligence to maximise margin per MWh. TokWise Commercial Optimization combines access to real-time operational data with advanced analytics capabilities to support decision making.

  • Simulation of market variables
  • Optimization algorithms tailored for every player

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