Software as a Service (SaaS)

Our platform is offered as Software-as-a-Service. The service is charged based on the functionalities subscribed and the actual usage.

We take care of the implementation process and your onboarding. You do not need to count for additional capital expenses and any hardware equipment, as our solutions is completely cloud based.

Our commitment towards our clients is to improve efficiency and reduce cost. This is reflected into our pricing philosophy which can incorporate an attractive model for value sharing, that shall ensure the long-term return on investment for you using our SaaS product.

Pay per use

Open and transparent model

Adapted to your portfolio size

Unlimitted scalability and elasticity

No on-site infrasttructure cost

Computation flexibility

Monthly license

We are flexible to offer you each of our platform modules seperately or in a bundle, so you can benefit from an integrated solution

Price per MW / MWh

Since your business relates to energy, we make sure to include size our model to your portfolio and capacity size. You will be charged only for the MW that you operate with.

Value Sharing

We are committed to the success of our collaboration and as a partner we share the accountabiity for driving consistently high results. We offer value sharing model based on the realized savings by levaraging our platform

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