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Control cost of sourcing renewable energy

Make informed trading decisions with high quality forecasting

Make informed trading decisions with high quality forecasting

Forecasting is not just a number. TokWise Portfolio Forecasting is a purpose-built solution for energy companies to orchestrate and improve the entire portfolio forecasting process from one central place.

Benefit from improving your existing models and create your own customized forecasts without developing the full tech stack in-house.

Get a constant alignment between the technical constraints and the market opportunities.

Maximise automation and efficiency of back-office processes

Maximise automation and efficiency of back-office processes

Execute faster, at any time and without error. Leverage insights from data for business growth.

The TokWise platform has been engineered to embrace the real-time nature of energy markets, and automation is a core component. Through the plaform our clients automatically collect and aggregate a wide variety of energy data streams regardless of sources or formats.

All admnistrative workflows are streamlined and automatised: such as issuing nominations files in the requested formats or sending bid to power markets.

Improve short-term decision-making

Improve short-term decision-making

Leverage Artificial Intelligence to maximise margin per MWh. TokWise Commercial Optimization combines access to real-time operational data with advanced analytics capabilities to support decision making.

We develop optimization algorithms tailored for every player, such as forecasting model optimized for imbalance cost reduction. Armed with this information, volume risk can be identified and cover with additional buffer in the right direction, at the nomination stage.

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